Audio Assistant & Overall Content Creator

Heyo! My name is John McLucas, and I'm currently looking to fill a unique position, and I'm excited to be potentially working with you! In a gist, I have been outsourcing to a variety of freelancers both locally and remotely over the last year, and I would love to consolidate it all into one killer person who is local. The biggest advantages being that I can involve you in more ways than listed below, and I'm truly hoping to mentor someone in the long-term into being able to co-produce music and other projects alongside myself, or even hand off projects for you to take the lead on, allowing us to continue to meet increased demand. Fear not, you only need to be solid in audio but have an open mind about creating content to be a great fit for this. 

I'm hoping to find someone who is looking to develop their audio skills and also other creative content strategy and concepts, which will be increasingly important as humans dive deeper into a content-focused world. My hope is that the right person learns and hones these skills to use for their own benefit as well, and forge their own path as they grow. The last guy to do this for me got picked up by an audio company to be their content creator/manager full-time and makes his living making guitar videos and writing riffs now haha, so I'm hoping this is the same thing I can do with the right person in a macro-scale.

What I do:

I produce and mix mostly pop music for my career. Primarily solo artists/singer songwriters, and I'm making almost everything around their lyric and melody. I occasionally work with bands and rock/metal, typically when they want a fresh perspective that will bring them something unique due to my pop-centric approach.


On the side I'm creating video content mostly on Youtube but have plans and ambition to grow that end of my personal brand as well in multiple ways. Due to the amount on my plate, I haven't been able to take full advantage of several things I have on my mind... which is why we are here right now haha :P


Audio Duties:

- Editing timing, tuning, and overall cleanup of vocal and instrument audio (99% of the time vocals only but I occasionally have full bands or  a "real" instrument in the mix)

- Preparing Pro Tools Sessions for mixing (coloring, renaming, organizing, routing, plugin arrangement, etc)

- If you do well, potentially bringing you in on the creative end of producing down the line. Starting small and building as trust builds. 

- If you play guitar bass keys or sing, that's a plus. Not required.

- A basic foundation of music theory is recommended. Not required.

Technical Requirements:

- Pro Tools badass. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT. NO OTHER DAWS. PRO TOOLS. STOP ASKING Y'ALL lol. I use Pro Tools, I need editing and prep done... in Pro Tools.

- You MUST own your own license of Pro Tools. While you can use my rig for some things, I won't be able to let it go as you need it. PRO TOOLS LICENSE REQUIRED.

- Attention to detail in editing, able to listen back and catch timing and poor editing that happens during tracking.

- Can understand the overall editing different between "tight as fuck", "vibe like a ___ track" and "only edit things that sound obtusely off"

- Able to follow a very specific checklist without missing a point. All prep is detailed in painstaking detail. 

- Own rig to prep and edit on, or can drive to Glendale to prep and edit on my rig. 

- Able to learn. Would MUCH rather have someone who is hungry to learn and doesn't repeat mistakes once told


Video Duties:

Please remember I do NOT need someone with much or any experience in video. I will mentor you and provide resources to learn from to understand the basics of video editing and creation.

- If you can edit audio you can learn video editing in 2 hours. At least, the solid basics to get going.

- 1x a week (soon 2x a week) editing for my youtube channel

- Occasionally filming with me when I need a videographer for a video idea


Technical Requirements:

- None. I'll teach you everything you'll need to know. 

- I will provide login to adobe cloud suite. 

- I have all video gear as well. Just show up ready to learn

In-Person or Remote?

I would like this to begin in-person, and once we have a flow you can be wherever you'd like. In-person work would be you on the table behind me doing your thing, that way I can show you things or answer any questions very quickly instead of us communicating remotely. But once you're crushing it, you can go anywhere, as long as the deliverables are met!



- Audio Editing/Prep & Video Editing - Flat Rates (varies by complexity of project and turnaround)

- Various Content Creations - Will start hourly, or could be flat rate depending on your preference.

- Rate DOE

- Freelance/Contract

Misc Stuff:

- I live/work in Glendale

- Must have reliable transportation

- Ffs please be moderately hygienic. It'll be a quick meeting if you aren't.

Time Commitment:

- 10 to 20 hours, unfortunately it does vary outside of that depending on workload and where in production projects are. Sometimes you'll prep 10 songs a month, sometimes 2.

You in?

Dang, you made it through all of that! That's nuts! Well, if you're as hype as I am about this, send me an email to with the title "Audio Assistant & Overall Content Creator" with:

- Website or link to your audio portfolio

- Links to video work you've done (if any)

- Why you think you'd be a great fit for the job

- What your background is with the above-mentioned fields

- What do you want to get out of this partnership?

Just a last reminder to say that I'm really looking for the best fit more than anything. If you are only really interested in audio but doing this because you need the money, don't apply. You will hate your life having to edit video and it'll make for a bad relationship and a bridge burned. If we are open and honest with our expectations and what we can do, this could be a smash of a partnership. Cheers!