Personal Brand


Building Community Value & Deep Relationships with Fans

"Professional, punctual, and delivers outstanding quality."

- Bobby Balow

"I used to be so overwhelmed with content strategy, but working with John has created a simple roadmap to follow. YAS!"

- Steel Maggie

"He has a love for what he does, which makes the entire process great!"

- Romellus Wilson

It's scary.


1,000 websites all telling you conflicting information. 

You follow every step outlined and nothing happens.


You need a roadmap based on your personal values, community goals, and overall vision, not a template.

That's where I come in. :)

What You Get

Creative Content Ideas

Exactly what to put out onto each platform, based on a balance of evergreen content and topical/trendy content.​ All of this geared towards your personal creative but also a larger community value and high interaction around your content. 

Your Core Values

Creative mission statements to begin the brand associations you'd like to start building with your personal brand.

Scheduling & Social Media

All of the mystery of how much & what to post is gone. You'll know what to post each day, so all you have to do is execute.


A comprehensive list of resources you can turn to to help you execute on whichever platforms you use, and whichever resources you have at your disposal. 

The Process To Content Clarity:

Step 2: Create a Plan

After our call, I'll sit down and go through everything we discussed, review all of your current social media outlets, current and past projects. Based on that and our discussions on how much output you can commit to, I will craft the best content course of action for our consultation.

Step 1: Discovery Call

It's important that I know you on a deep level, and all of the music, art, and people that inspire you to be... you. Only then can I come back with a detailed, systematic approach for you and your personal brand.  

Step 3: Consult & CREATE!

We will have our initial hour consultation meeting, and you will leave armed with an effective, practical roadmap of what to create. No guesswork or wondering what will be most effective, you just focus on the creative.

Additional Check-In Consultations

An important thing to remember within the process of personal brand development is re-evaluation. I can say that most strategies take 2 to 6 iterations to be as effective as possible, so we can see what is the most effective and continue to double down on and expand on it. To accommodate this, every consult package comes with a second session, 8 weeks after our first. Based on several factors, I may or may not recommend follow ups periodically for re-evaluations to ensure you are being effective with your time and energy. 

About My Journey

With 7 years of professional experience and over a decade of creating, I am incredibly fascinated by the creative process. Almost naturally, I started producing artists and found it not only came naturally, but I was able to create those amazing "WOW" moments when an artist heard their finished song. 

Since then, I have expanded into visual content and a big push into my personal brand, seeing pretty incredible results. After seeing how worth it investing in YOURSELF is, I have dedicated myself to creating more "WOW" moments for creatives all over the country, and absolutely love doing it. 

I can't wait to talk about your creative, your vision, and what inspires you. Cheers!

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