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What People Say

"John's perspective is fantastic. It definitely helped me open my eyes to what I need to do after I finish my courses."

Connor Lazenby, URM Summit Attendee

"His talk to my audio students  helped them see that the dream can be realized if you put in the work and go for it."

Raphael Kauffmann, Audio Engineering Teacher

"Taking the action items John talked about helped create my own voice and land my first clients. Looking forward to seeing [John] again!"

Jay Miller, Student

My Focus


Every audience has a different set of struggles and solutions they look for in a speech, so during our Needs-Discovery call I will figure out where those pain points are so I can deliver the most value to your specific event.


Your perspective of your vision, your future goals, and yourself must be in line to be able to put in the work needed to push forward. Build a positive, practical, and healthy mental approach to instantly clarify all of your decisions.


Every person will walk away from a speech with tons of actionable notes they can easily and seamlessly implement. That way, there is no excuse for not executing to get where you need to go!

So How Do Those Concepts Apply For a Speaking Event?

I'll break down the specificity of a speech I created for the URM Summit 2018 in Orlando, Florida. You can see the setting in the video below!

This is an audience of hundreds of audio engineers and music producers, mostly in the early stages to part-time part of their journey. So I wanted to speak on my experience going through that same transition, such as:

• Choosing to be semi-homeless for a year on my past for my career to take off

• How I stayed top of mind with people I met locally to eventually convert them into sales

• Unique ways I kept my overhead low when starting

As I know creative freelancers tend to get into their head and lose perspective, I also discussed my approach on gratitude, perspective, and core values that has kept me focused where I need to be as a fellow freelancer.

How It Works

1. Needs-Discovery Call

We will plan a video or phone call to talk about your audience's most common pain points, other principles that will be incorporated, as well as logistics for the speech.

2. Create the Speech

I will sit down and craft a customized speech based around our initial meeting, and communicate back and forth with you so you can see what will be discussed.

3. Start the Process

I will send you promotional photo and video content to use, as well as keep open communication leading up to the event. See you at the venue!

My Successes

• Touring 30 states as drummer in various bands

Playing shows for 1000's of people

• Building a music production and mixing business that has brought on my first full-time employee this year!

• Flying out-of-state several times to produce artists

• Working with signed bands

• Starting a music business podcast "Stay Spongy Show", reaching 1,000 monthly listens

Working with Grammy-winning engineer Dennis MacKay.

Notable producers, bands, companies, and artists I've worked with:


• Dennis McKay (Judas Priest, David Bowie, Elton John, George Martin)

• Joel Wanasek, Eyal Levi, Joey Sturgis, Finn McKenty, URM

​• Clients including Oculus VR, Megan Steinke, Hail Sagan, Lisa Danae, Ezra Mason, Shauna Serene, Meridian Parkway, and many many more

• Played shows with TOOL, Primus, Coheed and Cambria, Eyes Set to Kill, September 13, RIVALS

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Looking forward to talking and doing something great for you!

Much love, 

John McLucas