For the Consistent Creators Looking for Efficient and Affordable Mix & Master Solutions

Subscription Services

Problems You Encounter

• Buying one song mix at a time is much more expensive

• Consistent content is crucial, but hard to execute

• Mixing Engineers often have unreliable or sporadic availability

How a Subscription Helps

• Get better deals per song than album-mix rates

• Allows consistent releases with incredibly high quality

• 4 day turnaround. MAXIMUM. Any week. My promise to you, to keep your consistency on schedule.

Additional Benefits

• Taking more “at bats” by releasing fantastic music allows you the opportunity to grow your brand and following 12 or more times a year, with more potential for a big hit. An artist that is releasing something once a year only has that one, high risk shot to make momentum happen for their career.

• The constant release of music will give you a much greater chance of retaining the attention of fans you meet from shows or online, as they will always have something exciting and interesting to engage with.

• If you have a relationship with a publisher, consistently providing them excellent sounding music establishes a much deeper and valuable connection with that company.

"Okay John, I get it. It sounds awesome, but how does it work?"

Glad you asked. 

At the beginning of each cycle, you will be billed through Paypal’s recurring payment system in the same way Netflix and Hulu works. You will then get one song credit, which is good for one song mixed and mastered.


Let’s say you send stems on the 10th, you’ll get your first mix no later than the 14th, and typically it takes 1-2 rounds of revisions to finalize a mix. You receive your master and stems on the 16th, and you are ready to release an incredible-sounding piece of music!

Package Options

"Simple" packages are typically 16 tracks and under.

Simple Songs 3 Month Subscription


per month

Simple Songs 6 Month Subscription


per month

Complex Songs 3 Month Subscription


per month

Complex Songs 6 Month Subscription


per month

+ Addt'l Production 3 Month Subscription


per month

Complex Songs 6 Month Subscription


per month


In some situations, the track count does not correlate to the complexity of the mix. That is merely a guideline. To get an exact price, fill out the contact form with a link to either a previous link, soundcloud, or private link I can hear. Make sure it is a "standard" song that shows the general kind of music you are creating.

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Looking forward to talking and making something great with you!

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