Creating Memorable Experiences Through Modern Media


I live for the moments where an artist goes "WOW" from their song becoming something than they ever imagined. 


The Stay Spongy Show helps people navigate the modern music market through experience and knowledge each week.


John's solo music and video releases, starting Feb 22nd, 2019.

Who Am I?

With 7 years of professional experience and over a decade of creating, I am incredibly fascinated by the creative process. Almost naturally, I started producing artists and found it not only came naturally, but I was able to create those amazing "WOW" moments when an artist heard their finished song. 

I'm going to skip right to the good stuff, because I'm not a fan of bios that ramble on too long!


I have an insatiable need to create. Music, podcasts, video, I find it difficult to go a day without something creative happening in my day. 

This hunger is what gave me the drive and focus to move to LA in 2013 and through touring in bands and honing my skills, built a full-time career producing and mixing music.

I guess this is the part where everybody name drops... sigh. Okay. Notable producers, bands, companies, and artists I've worked with:


- Dennis McKay (Judas Priest, David Bowie, Elton John, George Martin)

- Joel Wanasek, Eyal Levi, Joey Sturgis, Finn McKenty, URM

- Played shows with TOOL, Primus, Coheed and Cambria, Eyes Set to Kill, September 13, RIVALS, The Scars Heal in Time, as well as toured 30 states

- Clients including Oculus VR, Stephanie Miranda, Megan Steinke, Hail Sagan, Lisa Danae, Ezra Mason, Shauna Serene, Meridian Parkway, and many many more

At the end of the day, I'm focused, driven, and execute on my vision and the visions others have for their musical art. I look forward to talking over some delicious food down the line. Cheers!

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Looking forward to talking and making something great with you!

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